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a few rules

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A few warnings before you decide to add me as a person on your contact

1. this is my journal i post what i want when i want. so if you start to spam me with crap like "this is boring, you shouldnt say that" etc. etc keep moving

2. I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE! im straight but i support it and if you have a problem with that keep moving.

3. if you are looking for someone to keep on posting to everything you post. keep moving.

4. i love to cosplay, and if that is a problem keep moving.

still here? well then by all means comment and lets see if you get added.

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add me, honey. (:
and i shall!!

you add me right now.... please???

&hearts heather
and i shall camera whore =3

i am adding you sweetheart!!
I'm just commenting so I don't make the commoners feel unspecial...because I KNOW I didn't have to ;P
the d-gasim has spoken!!
Pssh you were gonna add us anyways but yeah, I still feel the need to post.
not really if you didnt comment i wouldnt add no matter who you are
why a friends only journal?
my parents are taking in interest in this damn thing...and i dont want them to read the things i put in here

So, you wouldn't put us in if we didn't respond? O.o;;

me + add = happy. me + no add = sad. Do you want to see S.S.Inky Sad? I didn't think so!
never!!! i always want to see happy!!!

Add me ^_^
will do!
Pick me!!!! Pick me!!!!
already done!


12 years ago


12 years ago

Don't forget the Big Vampyre Sister
never forget my big vampyre sister

add me??
O ktqssn rg fgz afgv vin O'd rgofu ziol...



Hi there,

My name is Crissy, and I'm a friend of pgsm_usagi's. Sorry for the spammage, but she posted some pictures of your cosplay's group photoshoot in sm_avatars. I run a cosplay site, Sailor Moon Avatars, and I would love to have you on it. Take a look around, feel free to join the community if you like, and let me know what you think, either in my LJ (sunseenli), or by e-mail at Thanks, and sorry again!

ah dont worry about the spammage. it happens :)

i have seen your website and goodness i love it to pieces! i lurk many hours on there getting cosplay ideas and such. i hope in the future my face will show up on there :)



9 years ago


9 years ago

yo, saw you in girl_gamers. add?
added :3